the other night at work i was looking up a pill that is used to increase wakefulness, sometimes given to those with sleep work shift disorder. what?! there is an actually name for this?! i just knew i had it.

i looked it up...

"SWSD is a sleep disorder that affects people who frequently rotate shifts or work at night. Schedules of these people go against the body’s natural Circadian rhythm, and individuals have difficulty adjusting to the different sleep and wake schedule. SWSD consists of a constant or recurrent pattern of sleep interruption that results in insomnia or excessive sleepiness. This disorder is common in people who work non-traditional hours, usually between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m."

ME!!! i've got a bad case of it. and now i feel like i can blame everything on my SWSD.

like the other day when i was trying to turn up the volume on the tv and it would not turn up. what is going on?! "it's broken!! the tv won't turn up!!!! UGH!!!" (i can see now that i was overreacting) dan comes over.. "seeee dannn... it's not workiiingguh."

"the remote is turned backwards..."

i was pointing the remote towards me instead of the tv.

ohhhh boy.

can i blame that on sleep work shift disorder?

... ... ...

what about the other day when i was driving home from my last night of work and i missed my exit and then ended up going towards fosters (the longest highway without any exits or turnarounds)... i go about five miles in the wrong direction and come to an exit so i get on it and turn around headed back towards tuscaloosa. i get back to a somewhat familiar-ish area and take the wrong exit (again) and before i know i'm two minutes away from walmart. so i ended up just going to walmart and grocery shopping so my whole fiasco wouldn't feel like such a waste.

can i blame that on sleep work shift disorder?


  1. I must have SWSD too. Because those things sound awfully familiar.

  2. to walmart!!!! the best/saddest/most!!! at least you made the most of your mishap. so sorry about the SWSD. cruise soon though? yeah, that'll make it aaaaall better!!!