dear ashley lurline james keller,

happy birthday my best, most wonderful companion besides my husband (isn't that the best?!) i truly, completely, fully, and whole-heartedly adore you. since we were little tiny babies we have been bosom buddies, two peas in a pod... i think partners in crime is probably the best description. whether we were trying to steal the phone from our dads so we could say "hi, do you think you can come visit this summer?" or owning the lemonade franchise in st george, utah and being the sassiest to little girls and the most annoying to old ladies across the street, having crushes on every boy it seemed like, stealing the karaoke show in washington DC, getting lost on the beach, getting stuck on pylons and screaming for help, getting stuck on a cliff at the family reunion and being saved by hikers, singing together in the talent show at the family reunion, efy-ing our lives away, late nights in my room with me getting ready for bed and you reading the book of mormon to me, mYSPACE, eating CHIPS and go-gurt, swimming forever, babysitting the marshalls [klondike bars, swimming...., pow wows, movies], fulfilling our life-long dream and being roommates in college {it was everything we dreamed of and more], i mean... because of each other we both met our SHAKAS for LIFE! i love my memories with you laying in our two twin beds we turned into one big bed and having the best talks and you telling me to stop picking my toes and cuddling and being so in love and happy. you are my person. i couldn't love you any more.

those are about 2% of our total memories for life... and we need more, lots more. i'm ready for some right now, or in march... you are so beautiful and just such a lovely person. thank you for always inspiring my sense of style and being so innovative in your ideas. thank you for always teaching me how to have fun and love life. i am so thankful i have you in my life. i am so in love with and proud of the person you are.

let's move in next door to eachother already... this distance is more than i can bear. please party and dance and scream and listen to bossy and be ridiculous as we would if i was there... love, love, love, love, loooove!



  1. MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    i'm not sure if it could be more full because it feels like it's bursting at the seams!!!!! this is the sweetst &best. i love you so much!!! LANDMU!!!!!!!!! i love every single one of those memories &vividly remember each with fondness. i love youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22!

  2. Such a delight to enjoy your expressions of the deep love and bonds of 2 sweet cousins who have grown up as close as any sisters ever could be. There's nothing greater than family...those ties are eternal and only become stronger now that you both have your wonderful hubby's added to that special Rachael/Ashley James/Mulder/Keller. What a precious and dear relationship of love the two of you have had and always will have!

  3. SWAK ash!! i just HAD to add that...

  4. You and your cousin are the cutest! You guys remind me of me & my cousin! We even have similar childhood memories! It's so nice to have a cousin and best friend like this!