lots of love.

pillow talk last night...

D: i loved being with you all day and night today...

R: we weren't together all day!

D: i know, but i was thinking about you all day so i feel like i was :]

moments like this make my love for him just want to burst out of my chest!!

we watched the 'the Last Song' with miley cyrus (hannah montana according to dan) last night. he is finally watching chick flicks with me without it being a holiday! oh, AND it had our song in it by feist... feel it all. it was love. we embrace the cheesiness; it's fabulous.

on a more serious note, my dear grandpa James is in the hospital with some pulmonary problems. he is on a ventilator right now and will probably be going back to Heavenly Father soon. i can't help but think back on all my memories with him and what an instrumental and special part he has played in my life. he sealed me to my family and to my husband. he has always been a perfect example of dedication to the Lord and to family. how thankful i am to have him in my life. i wish i could be there with him and take care of him and make sure he knows how much i absolutely adore him, but i know he knows. he probably won't get a chance to read this, but i hope he can feel my deep love and gratitude for him. i'm praying for you Grandpa!


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Even though it is hard for us to let them go, they are going on with such a glorious purpose. I'm sure he knows of your love for him. Those aren't just empty words either. When my mom died, I think she was so completely aware of the love that surrounded her, even from people who were far away. I think a spirit freed from the confines of our physical bodies can sense that kind of love.

  2. exactly how i feel. i love you <3

  3. Oh my dear Rachael, how beautifully expressed. Grandpa is so proud of you and so touched by the depth of your spirit. I will never forget after he gave you your patriarchial blessing and he commented to daddy and I that, "he knew you in a different way now was so aware of the powerful spirit you are."

    You and all of Grandpa's posterity ARE his greatest heritage. There is nothing he desires more than to have his family live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live lives worthy to allow the Sealing Ordinances of the Temple to link us throughout eternity. I'm sure for Grandpa, as our family patriarch and one who holds the Sealing Power of the Temple, the way you are living your life is the best tribute to Grandpa you are giving to him. I will read your blog post to him today at the hospital. If he is able, I will type his comments back to you.

    I just love you more than I can ever, ever express in words. We will keep you posted!

    Thank you Carolyn for your sweet words to Rachael, I love what you shared about your dear mother's passing.

  4. Thank you so much :) Sister Craven, what you said really is a beautiful, profound thought. I read over it a few times. I believe that, what you said about them being able to feel more through their spirits. Thank you so much. All my love!