L&L: sweater power & pie love.

don't mind that i have three nostrils in this picture. i feel like i have to be the dorkiest person ever to tuck in my SWEATER. but i just felt too plain jane to wear a sweater with jeans and be done with it. so i put on my favorite high waisted jeans, tucked it in, and put on a belt... voila! i feel better. it would only be better if i had some smart glasses on :]

on another note, i am loving every minute being home with my sweet parents and good old uncle garry. i so appreciate their love and hope i can always make them proud. i have been thankful for the chance i had to come out a little before grandpa's funeral to just be together. we went to the temple tonight and it was wonderful. :] me & mama made a cherry pie last night for dad. it turned out great!

side note... tubby loves to carry around this golf ball that is twice the size of her mouth. we thought it was stuck and she had lock jaw. nope, she just loves to play with it... funniest lil pup!


  1. Aw that puppy is so cute! My dog would do that too. That pie looks delish & I want your jeans!

  2. Sorry to hear about Grandpa James, Rachy. He was quite the man from the little I knew of him. Hope you enjoy the funeral, weird thing to say, but my Gma's funeral was one of the most spiritual expierences of my life. I am thinking of you and Ash and hope you both feel peace and love. XO
    -cute pie. cute hair.