why i like my job

i was going to put "why i love my job" but i just couldn't bring myself to it. i am doing this to help myself remember why i like/appreciate my job and be grateful.

1. my earring fell off while i was in my patient's room and the back got lost somewhere but i found the front. so i just said "oh, i lose those all the time, don't worry about it!" so i just forgot about it. three hours and one bare ear later, my patient's son walks all the way down the hall to find me... "i found the back to your earring!" he had been searching for it. sweetest.

2. i'm sitting in the nurse's station, this big black man with dreadlocks and the sweetest smile waves me over (points and waves me over, me?? yes, you!) so i walk over to him... (thinking, this must be important...)

"have you seen true blood?"

"no.. what's that?"

"oh nevermind..."


"you look like a girl on there, jessica."

"oh! well i'll have to look her up... :)"

i did...

i think i see it... just thought it was cute and funny how he called a stranger over to tell her that.

3. discussing end-of-life care with my patient's family, i've been studying it in school this past week. it's special and touching to be so intimately involved in a stranger's life. and to have that feeling that they trust me and ask for my advice in such a life-changing, pivotal, emotional time.

4. the satisfaction of getting an IV started in one of those tiny little below the knuckle veins, more like a bulging valve. third time was a charm. it helped that my patient had dementia and she couldn't remember that it hurt when i stuck her (imagine dory from finding nemo). i stuck her and she would cringe, say "oww," and pull her hand away... i tried and fished around, lost blood return. so i got out the stuff and got ready to try again, with the needle in my hand she looks down at me.. "what are you doing?" she had completely forgotten. "i'm just going to start an IV in your arm so you can get your medicine..." she was so sweet.

and this was all just last night.

time can only tell what tonight will bring!


  1. the last story is my favorite. so funny!!! and you do look like "jessica" but prettier of course!

  2. I agree with Ashley, she does have a resemblance to you, but I think there are other "Rachel's" you look so much more like!