a bad case of academia

is the first fall day finally here? i wouldn't know, as the high today is 97 degrees. i wore pants yesterday and am currently cuddling a mustard colored blanket, just pretending and hoping and anxiously waiting for the weather to change.

looking forward to lots of days in the library this fall, as dan is a busy bee learning the sciences and i am beginning my first semester of three to get my BSN (bachelors of science in nursing). i love going to school & studying with dan... i study much better on the 27 inch mac! last week i went to dan's biology class with him and pretended to be a girl he just met in the library and introduced myself as such to all his friends. it was the most entertaining to pretend and be so flirtacious and new-feeling again.

but most importantly, congratulations to my hubby on getting two beaming A's on his first biology and organic chemistry tests! yay, so proud! :]

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  1. You’re going to school too?!? That’s so great! What fun study buddies you two are!