once upon a september

it was the first day of september and andre and danny were going fishing. rachy had just finished up a long night's work at the hospital, but she just couldn't pass up the fun and decided to forego sleep for a few hours for a playful morning out in nature.
she was feeling a little more silly that usual, but andre and danny just laughed.
they went to a fancy and beautiful private fishing & hunting getaway called zidon ashiva, and they had it alll to themselves...
danny stepped in a red ant hill and got a million little vicious ants on his feet. they were angry too. he made a quick getaway to the lake to rinse them off.
he learned his lesson and decided he's not going to wear flips flops to go fishing anymore.
rachy decided to be the photographer instead of a fisherwoman since her back was hurting. andre and danny didn't give up, even though the fish were being pretty stubborn that day.
ten minutes after we were supposed to leave danny's determination paid off and he caught our first fish! a beautiful bass named rubric. after we all admired him dan gently tossed him back into the water, said thank you and goodbye, and he happily swam away.
andre's fish tricked him and put a whole bunch of weeds on his hook. those fish were feeling very sassy that morning.
andre, danny, and rachy jumped in the car with happy hearts, singing and chatting all the way home. they can't wait to see what their next fishing adventure will bring!

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