work work work.

[how cute is she?]


i went in early last week and worked for 7-11 doing LPN work (giving medications), then took my normal team as an RN from 11-7. so it was a 12 hour shift, which i have done before... but my oh my. i litERALLY did not stop for 12 1/2 hours. i ate a bag of M&M's around 9 &some hot fries somewhere else in there. i had never worked as an LPN yet, so it was interesting to try to organize myself &figure it out.

one of my patients friends... "so 'rachelle' if i had something wrong with me could you come over here and check me out?' "

i just smiled awkwardly and walked out...

ten minutes later...

another patient's family member puts his arm through mine as i was walking down the hall...

"so... do you have a man?"

"yes, i'm married actually...."

"oh.. come on, i was really trying here.."

20 minutes later...

"hey pretty..."

i turned around...

"you responded, you are really pretty you know.."

i think my face was bright red that whole night, maybe that's another good thing about night shift... less visitors!

there are some shared rooms and one of my patients was a 46 year old black female with a blood clot, the other lady an 86 year old white female with a broken femur [ouch!] and they were the best of friends. it was so cute. i would be outside their room&i could just hear them chatting away, best of friends, sharing each other's pain.

the older lady was scheduled for surgery the next day so she wasn't able to eat or drink anything, and i go in there &ask if she needs anything, she says "well i'm hungry. i need something to eat. my neighbor already let me borrow her water..."

caught in the act! i love that she was sneaking her water.

i love the sweet/funny/crazy people i get to meet!

being a nurse in alabama is so entertaining.


  1. I'm so glad you love your work. I can't imagine spending a 12 hour shift doing something you hate or don't even like. Lucky you!

  2. the picture of the nurse?! the CUTEST! i love her. i only wish i could be there and hear these stories in person. you poor thang doing the twelve hour shifts!!! landmu !!