lovely&lively: THRIFTING.

i love thrift stores.

when i walk through those dirty rickety doors, the air blows back my hair and i am filled with a sense of all the possibilities that lie before me. who knows what treasures i may find?! i take a purse full of patience, grab my buggy, and 45 minutes later i've got an entire cart full, then i head to the dressing room and sort through everything. i end up with just a few finds. i only keep the things i LOVEEEE. [it took me a few years to get to this point, i used to keep every random thing, and then it ended up back at the thrift store before too long..]

{i had to cut my face off because i was looking a little perturbed, oops!}

so this shirt was found at a thrift store in vegas [salvation army?] in my high school days. i bought it so ashley&i could match. i love it, i wear it all the time, with my most casual jeans to my fanciest skirt or dress.

the skirt, found at the "LARGEST THRIFT STORE" in bessemer, alabama [seriously our favorite], compliments of my sweet parents who let me go on a little shopping spree. i don't love the angle in this picture, but it will do. it certainly is a pencil skirt, &it is sooo tight on my waist! i have to suck in literally every moment it's on my body [but i actually do that all the time anyways, shh.. don't tell].

the sassy gold belt, DI in rexburg, idaho. [i MISS that store!] it came with a silver version with a heart clasp, which is my all time favorite.

the shoes my mom bought me for my graduation from nursing school, GUESS by marciano on sale. they hurt, but i love them.

good example of an almost 100% thrifted outfit!


  1. i like these posts. you are beautiful. hair- getting so long! you should do a lovely&lively on beauty sleep. and combine your nursing/health smarts with it... because good sleep is important. haha. oh dear. i just love you.

  2. This is the second post I read today on Thrift store shopping. I guess people really are cutting back these days huh? I wish there were better Thrift Stores here in Miami :(

  3. haha, I LOVE the way you describe everything, "they hurt, but I love them". haha. That's how my favorite shoes are right now. Super cute skirt...I have a turquoise one like it that ALMOST looks good on me. It's fit me all year, but hasn't looked good yet. Hopefully SOON cause I LOVE IT!

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  5. You look beautiful honey!!! What a wonderful gift to be able to recognize the worth of something that someone else has thrown away! Im so thankful you have an eye for the treasures many bypass! YOU are just precious in every way honey!

  6. love all this! specially the part that you got the shirt to match me :) made me grin ear to ear! i love you <3

  7. you are such a precious peach. I just love every inch of your cute bod.