i was feeling excited about the endless opportunities for the next few hours of my day until i &picked my up my husband from school. i was filing blank ideas around in my head when suddenly realized my to do list was full of one to do:


i forgot i was taking an extra shift tonight. i took a two hour nap yesterday, a 20 minute nap yesterday evening, and slept 7 hours last night. i am now must sleep for the next four. i'm a sleeper.

this morning i made a [birthday] card for my husband, etc, etc [that means the rest is a secret or i would tell you]. i let myself become inspired by talented, crafty blogging people, i like doing that. and i listened to fancy music that makes me happy. i went to target at 0800 &i had so much fun. i love target. i only wish i could buy all my groceries from target. market pantry brand is so much more aesthetic than great value [yuck]. yet my cupboards are full with great value. i guess they really are a great value.

i have a canker sore and it's agonizing. yesterday i took 2 puffs of my PREVENTATIVE inhaler [should not make me a crazy shaker] and then put toothpaste [the kind with baking soda] on my canker and i was in such distress. it was not right. the inhaler just heightened all my senses so the toothpaste hurt even more.

sometimes i just want to go get in the hospital bed and tell them i have a canker that really hurts and to bring me a popsicle. why can't i?

oh well, good night:].


  1. cankers? the worst ever. really. i know. and i feel you on the great value crud. oh well! someday! i love you <3

  2. The best cure for cankers is sleep and guess what - when you don't get enough sleep you get cankers. Don't know why, but know it's true!