remember how we went camping over spring break? well, here are some pictures! we went with our awesome friends andrew&kelly! we explored the area &ended up at the scenic lakeside retreat Lake Lurleen.

we comandeered our way upon lots of free wood, went fishing, paddle boating/floating, exploring [bear grylls style], lots of R&R (see hammock pics), had the MOST delicious dutch over dinner &cobbler, told campfire stories, dan serenaded us with a little koom-bi-ya around the campfire, widdling, jewelry making, and some pinecone/stick baseball. :]

this was our greatest, most loved hobby. we went exploring into the outskirts of the lake.

the sun was being shy. it got a little chillly.

we are too much.

they are the cutest&best. he widdled a canoe and it floated like a master, no big deal.

we're cute little kiddies.

keep burnin, keep keep burnin love. as you can imagine, this entertained me to the UTMOST possible degree.
we were two inches from the ground. we are SO ALABAMA. does anyone else notice but me??

i know my artsy-ness is totally blowing your mind right now.

it was actually QUITE fun, if i do say so.

2KEWT. check out that homemade widdled stick/spiky ball flower/fishing line& weighters necklace. if you want one just LMK, i'll make you one for $45.

as always.


  1. two things i love most:
    picture of you and dan in the boat, just lazin' all over each other. i want one. only of me and M.
    your homemade jewelery. $45 is such a bargin. and freakin 100% alabamian materials. score. sign me up. i want three. to go with a few different outfits...

  2. I spotted that leadership under construction shirt...
    Wore that to bed the other night!
    We're so RachUL and we don't even know it.