born for beach [st. joe's peninsula edition].

on the drive... making up jokes, eating melted chocolate, it was gggreaT. [knock knock- who's there?- yo di lay he- yo di lay he who?- we're not in switzerland, why are you yoddling?]

we made it!

the most beautiful shells.

beach bum.

we are so in love with this beach!

view from our campsite.

designated griddle man.

we were so excited about it.

feeding the bird graham crackers.

nasty fish creature we found on the beach.

i really didn't want to put this nasty devil creature on our blog, but dan made me.

fishing in the bay! this is where we saw sting rays, millions of little crabs, &accidently went swimming with a snake.


beach mouse. he wanted to hang out.

we didn't use enough.


my poor little fish! :[

our pretty fish of choice.

building barriers is our FAVORITE beach activity!

i was the bag lady saving the environment.

why did this walk ever have to end?

i don't think he liked us.

look at dan's face. he didn't even mind that he was harassing the poor creature.

our second crab friend, he was kind of boring.

our alligator pet. we almost stole him&set him free in the wild. we found him in a gift shop off the freeway.
dan accidently threw the credit card in the covered trash can. don't worry, i stuck my head in there &got it out.

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  1. I thought all your beaches were covered in BP crude oil!!! I loved the picture of you kissing Dan with your gorgeous red hair blowing in the wind- very Anthropologie!