co-worker: "that girl could be a diva &she doesn't even know it" [about me, i overheard].

patient: "i've been thinking about you a lot..."
me: "oh really."
patient: "yeah, just hoping you'd be back tonight."
me: "so you missed me..."
patient: "yeah... i missed you."

patient: "i really appreciate all the time you've spent with me."
me: BIGGEST smile/heart ever.

nickname at work: "RED"
pronounced... "REIII-ED" [2 syllables]

(after explaining his dream to me)
dan: "would you care if beyonce kissed me?"
me: "no, i'd just be excited."
dan: "that's what i figured."

my patient's sitter: "she looks like a barbie doll doesn't she?"

"you are the best nurse around here. once your older you will REALLY know your stuff, but you already do."

REALLY??? how are these people so sweet to me??! it's love.


  1. Love these.
    Ggguuurrrlll you is a diva!
    I need to call you and have you say "red" the 2 syllable way, I think I got it, but who really knows? You're too cute.

  2. So funny. I would love to visit the south and hear that rich wonderful southern accent!!!