lovely&lively: FADS.

my fad is not your fad.

fads can be quite deceiving... so please be cautious. a fad begins, usually, when a little designing man or woman somewhere thinks something up &puts it on the runway, it then makes it's sneaky little way into magazines, billboards, stores, and before too long- onto your legs, body, face, hair, or where ever else it decides to go.

many times, by the time it makes it all the way to you it has been diluted &adulterated, not what it was intended to be &not being worn the way it was intended to be worn.

also, that previously mentioned designer designed that piece for a 105 pound, 5'10'' woman. which i, and most women, are not and nowhere near.

what i'm getting at- just because it is a "fad," or popular, does not mean it should be worn by you, or your friend, or that lady you saw at crosswalk. we must use our better judgement &ask ourselves if what we are about to purchase is flattering to our own body. do not wear something just because it is popular!

ex: skinny jeans/leggings. tempting on her:

not so flattering on her:

also, these leggings are improperly worn by the woman below.

this is probably the most common downfall of leggings. they should not be worn under every skirt you have, mini to knee-length. your outfit will look better without them 90% of the time. do not wear a skirt with leggings that you wouldn't wear withOUT leggings. they do not make your outfit "modest" if it wouldn't be without them. and please, do NOT wear them to church. they are far too casual.

you do not have to have a body like miss model above to wear leggings, she was simply used as an example. &yes, i do own, wear, &love leggings! but please evaluate your use of them. and remember, they should be worn with caution &fit to flatter!


  1. I love that whenever I come to your blog now, I have to get past Net Nanny to do it. It makes me smile every time! Love your fashion advise and now I notice how people are dress and that, too, usually makes me smile, for various reasons. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so well. Glad to hear your better now. Nothing like sleep to make the world right.

  2. I also enjoy your posts about fashion. I have to say that I am glad that the lady wore leggings under that short skirt. If she had just worn the short skirt, it would have been far worse. lol. I totally agree though with what you are saying. I don't even own leggings because I feel like they are too casual, and I just don't think they look that good on people.

  3. Rachy. Your fashionista posts are the best. I can just hear your voice when I read them. Leggings are tricky. I'm partial to colored, opaque tights. But it's summer time now [almost!] so it's bare legs!!! [is that ok?].