que le vaya bien!

my dear friend shanna recently left on her mission for el salvador as the mission nurse. i'm convinced she will have ten missionaries getting sick on purpose just to see her because she is so beautiful. my sweetest, dearest most beautiful friend nicki couldn't come since she is being a babe in the big apple so i'm posting these pictures for her to feel like she was there a little:].

shanna gave the most beautiful and sincere talk i have ever heard. she is one of those people that you can tell is just totally uplifted and filled with the Spirit and the Spirit talks through her so easily. it was sooo beautiful. i just know she made to go on a mission and be such a blessing. she has been my roommate for the last few years and has been such a good example to me. so sincere. such a peacemaker. so sweet and meek. i love her! and know she do great.

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  1. thank you so much! shanna is a peacemaker. and she'll be such a powerful missionary! thanks for the pictures. they make me want to cry and hug you all. everyone is so lovely. you and dan matching and looking so elegant is almost my favorite thing in these pics. a close second to the angelic shanna. XOXO