bama bash. farewell friends.

We had a going-away party before we left and it was probably the best ever. We decorated it all up really good with a big “BAMA bound” on the wall and had a photo booth [thanks to Jared S. James, photographer], a Tuscaloosa dart game [shout out to our winner- Trevor Thorpe], lots of delicious food including elephant ears [scones] and lil smokies [biggest thanks to Megan Jean Whitlock- chef/baker/party planner]. Hannah &Dave win for best outfits… Alabama flags! We had the USC football game going on in the other room so half the time all the men were in there, but we didn’t mind. It was so perfect seeing everybody and saying our goodbyes. We have the most wonderful friends and miss them so much already. We won’t forget you so you can’t forget us :]. Love you sweet peas.


  1. It is sad you're leaving . :'(
    BUT this party looks so cute & fun!

  2. those are THE cutest pictures i've ever seen. really. we're so high fashion and fun. i love you