the james' journey to jasper &back.

we just got back from another great james family vacation! daddy, mama, jared, dan and i met in kalispell, montana and stayed in whitefish for a few days at the prettiest lodge and toured all around glacier national park! it was so much fun. i thought seven days of national parks would be too much for me but with a little hot tubbing, wifi, and a couple malls, it was just the best &i loved it so much! we rented a mini van which we just loved. glacier had the most BEAUTIFUL water!! it had glacier run-off so it was the most beautiful shade of blue. but soo cold too. they had the prettiest rocks we've EVER seen. me and mom have our own collections now! one on our coffee table right now. second half of the trip we spent in banff national park, and went up into jasper a little bit. sooo beautiful! we were nervous to try to go into canada because jared didn't have his passport [lost in translation]. we were told we would be able to get it but getting out might be difficult. we considered stowing in the back of the mini-van; he was just a little too big. we decided to risk it &go for it. we got in no problems. we got out no problems! the man at border was on a little bit of a power trip &teased us a little, but we got through! we only got pulled over once, in glacier, but the nice park ranger didn't give us a ticket. my dad told him that his daughter wanted to offer him some peanuts. it must have worked. we lived on peppermint patties, pirate's booty, peanuts, DAIRY QUEEN, and some delicious restaraunts/food courts dispersed in there. jared was the family photographer &he is just so talented and cute. 95% of these pictures are courtesy of him.

dan learned our family favorite "i wanna take a horse &buggy... as we go travelin through the tooown...". definitely a success of a trip. another great james family vacation!

after our DQ stop #1. of 5.

trying to fit jared in the trunk so we could sneak across the border:]. he didn't mind.
i love my daddy.

look at that beautiful blue water!

picking flowers for his sweety.

we were ten feet from a BEAR!! it was one of the best moments.
no big deal. just a BEAR.
fishing in the prettiest place called st. mary's lake.
we found a pretty heart rock.
he was helping her climb up the mountain. it's love.
hobby #1: wildlife watching.
LOVE this picture. jared is so creative.


one of my favorites.

PRETTIEST most colorful rocks.
BONKY ball.

OH! he is the MOST HANDSOME!!
canoeing at LAKE LOUISE. on my the best things i've EVER done!
he single-handedly paddled us for a while.

fresh spring water was our daily stop.
she found a wounded butterly and took her [betsey] into her care.

LITERALLY half of trip spent just like this.
we got us some fishin.

can you just please look at that water?!
he is the CUTEST most wonderful creature.
we kind of like each other.

i love my sweet daddy.
just posing in a forest is all.


  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE PICTURES! do you even REALIZE how badly and how long i have DIED to want to go to GLACIER national park!? my hub went and i am dying to go, oh man, GORGEOUS.

  2. Such a beautiful place. awesome pics.

  3. Ok. I have a few things to say.
    #1. Is just that I have never wanted to go on a nature-type vacation, in the least. But those pictures are incredible- call me Pocahontas, please. Because I think she would have liked it there, and I think I would too.
    #2. You are so beautiful.
    #3. Your Mom looks so thin and also beautiful.
    #4. The second picture of you and Dan, look at it!

  4. nicki you are so cute &i love your pocahontas metaphor. thank you so much for your sweet compliments. the second picture? do you love it? hate it? please tell.

  5. Such pretty pictures!
    It looks like fun fun fun.
    I so want to go to lake Louise!
    All my family went when they came up for my wedding but I didn't get to go because we were on our honeymoon. lol

  6. I been there!!! Waterton Canada is the cutest~ Like you and these precious pics. I love you missy