Meet Jude.

This is Jude. He screams. A few days ago he decided he wants to scream, squeal, and yell all day long. I think it's for fun and in order to get attention because he stops if I pick him up. We hardly know what to do with these new found vocal cords! It is quite the entertainment while Dan and I are both trying to study and he is relentlessly finding new sounds to make. We are getting the feeling the days of peaceful, laying on the floor quietly baby are coming to an end.

He sweats. A lot. I've never had a baby in hot weather before and I hardly know how to do it. He has to be swaddled to sleep well but always gets so hot. We've been having him sleeping with nothing but a diaper and swaddle and it's going better. He get so sweaty when he is nursing with his little head on my arm.. He is the cutest, sweatiest little thing when he wakes up from his naps with wet little curls in his hair.

He holds his neck up. His neck muscles are very impressive these days. When we do tummy time he will not put his head down. Not even for a quick one second rest. He holds it up for minutes and minutes and as long as he is on his tummy and he just squeals and screams. It is the funniest. If he is laying on our chest he will just stare at us and squeal. It is obvious he gets tired but he perseveres. It's my favorite.

He wakes up. And eats. Our trip to California messed up his sleeping patterns a little bit. Before we left he was sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Since we've been back he wakes up two to four times a night. It is getting better but boy, oh boy! Does this boy eat or does he eat! I usually feed him at least ten times a day. Like, every hour or two. We love it. It's the best. I don't care if he's spoiled. Spoiled with lovey cuddly time with mom and the most nutritious antioxidant immunity packed miracle solution? Whoever says that's a bad thing must be confused. 

He loves his Daddy. I've had to work this week and Dan has been taking care of him. They love their daddy/son time together. Jude does well eating from a bottle, too. And there is enough breast milk stored in the freezer for a quite a while so we do fine.

He feels. He is learning to grab things, hold onto things, and control his hands better. It's so fun. He grabs at our faces and holds onto our arms and feels things. Oh, how come the littlest things seem to be the most magical achievements?!

Oh, how he loves his Occe. :)
He played the guitar last night for the first time. Amazing. Genuis. August Rush who? It's no big deal, he's just perfect.


  1. oh my goodness I NEED TO MEET HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!! scott and i were just talking about how excited we are to see you/JUDE!!!!!!!! ahh!!! he is the most darling!!! i can't wait to hear his screams/squeels and i'm so proud of his neck muscles and hand feeling :) ohhh i love him so!!

  2. p.s. the second to last picture i just can't stop staring at. !!!!!!!!!!!! ohhh!!!! axilhdn;alkfnda;oiuekjlkjlkjjkjkjkjkjkjsalkdnfa;ldkf;li i love you!!!!

  3. You crack me up. He is getting so big & chubby! You go Mama!!!
    That picture of him laying on Dan's chest and them looking at each other is to die for! Although I'm sure you have a million x's a million pictures that fit that title! Right?! Thought so.
    We didn't Skype this weekend! I kept waiting for you (because of work and baby sched) to text me but then it donned on me Sunday night that maybe YOU were waiting to ME to instigate! If that is the case I do appologize.
    Crazy life!

  4. OH man, back to work! How many hours a week are you working? Are you still doing nights? How is it going? I'm trying to figure out what to do after I finally have this little heartburn inducing love child.