look at that bass!

A couple Friday's ago Dan walked through the door around 5:30 pm, looking tired and dejected from a long day at school and before he could sigh I said... "let's go!" Fishing gear and blankets lined the front hall, Jude was all packed up and ready, and keys in hand. He was a little bamboozled.

Off we went to Lake Tamaha right down the road. We fished and had a picnic, black bean &corn pizza (my latest favorite) and fresh-baked chocolate chips cookies (my forever weekly favorite). He got his animo back shortly after he caught his first bass and got a little food in his belly. It was Jude's first fishing trip! He loved it and I think he was thrilled when Dad caught not only one, but three beautiful bass!

First Daddy/Son fishing picture... kind of.

It was almost impossible to get Dan to come in from fishing for dinner!!! Come onnnn....

He was glad he did. :)

such joy!!

Jude was being a sport int he pram. Soo bundled!

We were forced to leave once the son went down...

Dan's famous line.... "Just one more cast!!!"


  1. you are such a darling wife! I cannot even tell you how badly I wished we lived by you! I am so happy to see that you guys get out and do fun things. I have struggled with that! mostly because I can hardly even do my hair!

    we ordered our wubbanub yesterday! So it should be here tomorrow :) thank you SO much for recommending it to us. we are really excited to try it. AND I have to tell you about these darling little stuffed animals called Baby Plush that have all of these soothing sounds- the womb, rain, the ocean, whales, the jungle... My mom got us a couple at potterybarn.com (http://www.potterybarnkids.com/shop/baby/toys/baby-plush/) we LOVE it and it helps James fall right to sleep. Plus there is a timer on it. So neat. Look it up!!

    Maybe we will end up in the south?? Jordan is applying to 3 schools in NORTH carolina! So we could at least play on the weekends!!

    LOVE and miss you terribly!

  2. oh it looks SO pretty, there! we like the idea of north carolina - have you been there yet? are you by the ocean too?

  3. that picture of jude is soooo precious!!! and the scenery pictures (especially the one with the shed thang) are so pretty!! i love them. and you. mostly you the most though too.

  4. i love you life. did you make that pizza? and JUDE. his eyes. oh my goodness. they are to die for. i want to go fishing/camping with you guys. can we plan a trip? we'll meet in NC? :) that would be great. ashley & scott too of course.