love &lots of it.

I'm realizing that having a baby is magical. Everything they do is magical. It's just... magic. Jude is smiling all the time now and recognizing us and being playful; it is just blissful. Something so seemingly small creates some of the most precious, priceless moments that Dan and I have shared together. I can only imagine how fun it will be when he starts to talk, roll-over, eat real food, crawl, walk, run (Dan has had two dreams of Jude sprinting in the past couple weeks, funniest. Picture a little infant sprinting so quickly and efficiently. Big dreams for this kid...), go to school... this list goes on. We're proud parents.

He loves it when his Daddy plays with him...


I read online of a way to help your baby be smart- stick your tongue out at him and he will start to realize that he can do it back. So we've been sticking our tongue out at him all the time. He loves it. It makes him giggle and smile so big. AND...  he does it back now. Pretty much a genius baby, we've known all along. He always sticks his tongue out or opens his mouth wide when we give him kisses. It's the best. There's nothing better than a sloppy wet kiss from the cutest baby in the whole world. He's getting so much more personality and so much more fun... And he is laughing now! It is just to die for. Oh, and he slept 8 hours two nights ago (maybe because we gave him Tylenol because he got his shots) and he slept 7 hours last night! Thank you, baby!

D&R <3 JUDE!

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  1. Love, Love, Love!!! The Joys of motherhood and the magic of it all....it truly never ends honey...Daddy & I still find magic in the simple joyof seeing your development as you, Dan & Jude & Jared & Krissy travel down the road as you dodge the potholes, yield the warnings & and navigate the storms along the way. It's a pretty good view for Daddy & I in the rear view mirror...we love seeing 3 in your vehicle!!!