i turned 23 on march 24th. it was lovely. i worked the night before and the night of... so the day was mostly sleeping and relaxing. when i woke up we ate tostino's pizza because it's my favorite, strawberries and bananas with delish chocolate fondue, a massage, and watched "it's kind of a funny story." we liked it, minus the bad parts (ugh, why do they always have to do that?) dan made me TWO beautiful cards/banners, i got a cookbook that we love from grandma & grandpa hickman and a beautiful table runner that is adorning our table right now, a cute riddle card and money for a gift of my choice (we are going shopping this weekend (!!!!), the BEST card and two packs of gushers from jared & kris (fly like a G6), the most beautiful, lovely, and wonderful gift from my sweet ashley (more to come on that later, but you should be excited), and a phone call from megan!!!! from rome!!! it was perfect. she sang to me. and i cried. a day spent with my hubby is just perfect. and it was! twenty-three was a great year. i grew a lot spiritually this year. and learned so much in my job. i love my husband even more. i am blessed. blessed. blessed, blessed to have had another year on this earth! excited to see what this new year will bring. :]


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!! love this. love this love this. love you. i wish i could have celebrated with you. next year? okay :)

  2. my blog is not updating me when you post!!! arrggg. happy birthday princess face. i'm not sure... but i THINK i LOVE the pjs you are wearing. they might be special ones from a little gas station picked out with the help of the one and only g. kent craven. or, i'm embarassed. love you.

  3. ugh. i'm so mad i didn't call you on your bday! i hope it was good. i have my book of everyones birthday and of course it was left in idaho while we were gone. happy late late birthday