the best two years [of love]

happy anniversary to the one i love!!! two years, it feels like more because so much has happened. it has been wonderful. i love him more and more every day.

to my sweet danny:

thank you for taking care of me and having a delicious meal ready for me every sunday morning when i wake up. your delicious homemade bread is to die for!

thank you for being soo patient for me and letting me whine and accidentally be a brat sometimes and you just laugh and love me.

thank you for saying things like "bless your little heart" and "you sweet little thing."

thank you for recently changing your mind of chick flicks and watching them with me now [even though i fall asleep through every one].

thank you for giving me hugs and kisses every day.

thank you for telling me you love me at least ten times a day [we really do, it's the best].

thank you for loving me and thinking i'm beautiful even with no make-up and my albino white face, messed up hair, and garbled outfit.

thank you for taking on the responsibility of scrubbing the tub and shower and being so good at it. i hate doing that.

thank you for having such a simple, innocent love for me. it's perfect.

thank you for sending me e-cards on our anniversary. :]

thank you for still trying to impress me with your tricks on the indo board.

thank you for taking over and helping me when i neeed you and can't do it myself.

thank you for killing every bug/creature that comes into our apartment.

thank you for getting that gross tick out of my arm and getting the head out too so i wouldn't get rocky mountain spotted fever.

thank you for never judging me for what i eat and always making me feel good about myself.

just thank you for everything. for being my everything. for being so sweet and loving to me. that's really all i could ask for. thank you for being willing to sacrifice and change for me. (but of course you're perfect so you don't need you)



  1. happy anniversary! You look gorgeous!

  2. the eating whatever i want comment was my favorite. That is one of the things i am looking for . . . no calorie counting/judgment. Love you two. HAPPY TWO YEAR

  3. How sweet! Makes me teary-eyed, isn't marriage the BEST?!

  4. TWO YEARS??!! REally? I remember sitting at Sonics in Utah, talking about how much you liked this new guy..and now you've been married to him for two years!

  5. TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!! love it. love this. love you <3