strung out on acid

something inside me just doesn't feel right about pushing narcotics into the veins of young "polysubstance abusers." yet i have no choice if i want my job.

"pain is subjective."

is what i'm taught to believe. so... sigh, i'm a drug pusher.


  1. Seriously sad. Honestly I do feel bad for you for that part of your job...but in most other areas of your job...I'm in the jealous category. I LOVE hearing your stories from work.

  2. Every job has its down side, just try and focus on all the good you are doing for so many other people. They all appreciate your loving, caring nature. By the way, I just looked at my soap blog and saw that back on September 20th you left a comment. I tried to fix the pricing, but can't quite figure it out (I'm seriously challenged when it comes to changing stuff on that blog (mostly on paypal)). Anyway, if you still want to order some soap, contact me through my email - cravenclan@hotmail.com. I hope it wasn't something urgent, like a birthday or something. So sorry to be lame. I had other stuff going on with my mom.

  3. Your nurse stories amaze me! I could not do it, I would be fainting all the time seeing blood & such! It takes a strong person to be a nurse!