jared james & kristina ockey.
married 8.14.2010.

my heart is overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

love for this perfect newly married couple whom i utterly adore.

love for my beautiful, close-knit family, who are held together by an amazing patriarch i call grandpa.

gratitude for the most special parents who have cradled me with their love from the first moment they held me in their arms.

gratitude for the infathomable blessings my Heavenly Father has given me and the love i feel from him.

love for the most patient sweet man who is as vital to my soul as blood is to my veins. i am amazed by our love every day.


  1. Oh honey, I couldnt have expressed Jared's perfect wedding week any better! I love that picture of Jared & Kristina...and I LOVE you and Dan so much!!! Daddy & I are blessed beyond all our hopes and dreams with our wonderful children!

  2. so true and lovely. perfectly lovely day and night. such a great pic of he newlyweds! you really should be a photographer <3