back to bama!

d&r in real life includes:

singing/playing "let my love open the door" forever we are dueting
grocery shopping at walmart/sam's club
we made very healthy choices
dan's lunch tomorrow includes a loaded turkey sandwich {12 grain bread, romaine lettuce, sweet pickles, and
baby campari tomatoes}, an apple, goldfish&pretzel mix, fruit snacks, and a baby bag of almonds... so proud of the health factor here
planning our weekend camping trip to smith lake
being a nurse again
listening to tegan & sara
being happy little love birds
running through rain in our soaking wet toms
free full moon dinner tomorrow at the school
appyling cica care to dan's back

dan's first day of school is tomorrow! he is taking conversational spanish, biology, organic chemistry, american literature, and geography. it's just so fun we think.

so happy we are after the most wonderful, love-filled, joyous week/weekend with our dear family.


  1. love:
    that song, healthy eating, sam's club, 12 grain bread, apples, camping, nursing, love, rain, the moon, school-so much, dan, you. i love to be tired but a little too obsessed with your cute blog to go to bed too.

  2. We seriously sing that song every single day! No joke! The four of us could start a quartet! I would like that.