vision of the south.

we have been able to watch meme and her son michael throughout the whole process of their conversion. it has been so amazing, especially for me to watch, since i didn't get to have all those experiences on a mission. they are amazing people who have so much faith through so many trials. they got baptized last weekend and i got to speak at the baptism! this picture was taken after the baptism.

she looks so beautiful! &look at those handsome boys. :]]


  1. 1. this is so sweet!!
    2. you look ABSOLUTELY radiant/beautiful/pretty/lovely/splendid!
    3. they are the Cutest!
    4. this is so heartwarming
    5. i'm so happy you are loving the southern life
    6. you are the skinniest/longest hair/prettiest!!!!!!

  2. p.s. i love that you spoke at the baptism!!! you are such a wonderful example and i love you

  3. i was wondering who that darling little boy was singing to lindseypie with you guys[cute]. this is a sweet post. the missionaries are amazing, it's fun to be involved in that kind of work. and how wonderful to witness happiness brought into the lives of that BEAUTIFUL family.
    you are the best. i love you.

  4. What a wonderful experience. There is nothing quite like helping people realize the gifts of Christ, especially at this time of year when we are all more focused on Him.