sorry husband.

two nights ago i accidently almost killed dan in his sleep. :[ i'll start from the beginning.

our kitchen is extremely space-efficient. just because it hardly uses any. so whenever i cook i have to use the stove-tops as counter space. so the other night on my way out of the kitchen i moved the rice cooker [full of rice that we were going to have later] just to tidy up a little bit. i moved onto the back burner so it would be a little more out of the way. so i ran over to be with dan for a few minutes waiting for the missionaries to come. ten minutes later we hear a knock at the door &run out to get it when we notice our entire front room &kitchen are filled with gross SMOKE!! [our smoke detector must be a little faulty.] dan went in the kitchen &found that the rice cooker was getting cooked. he turned the dial off [that i had accidently turned when i moved it] and we started to air it out. the smoke was making our eyes and throats burn. not pleasant. so dan went out teaching with the missionaries and i made dinner. all is well while airing out the apartment. they came back. had shrimp fettucine, & dan cleaned the kitchen.

4:00 am rolls around &i am awoken in my sleep to my husband calling my name. he was having horrible stomach pains & couldn't breathe. so i brought him my inhaler and slowly nursed him back to health. we closed our bedroom door, opened the window, and set the HEPA fan right next to his face so he could clear out his lungs. he was getting symptoms from smoke inhalation, which can quickly kill you might i add. UGHH!!!! what can i even say. good thing he's better.

moral of the story: be careful with plastic & stove tops. check those dials twice, maybe even three times. :]

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  1. Omg I am so bad about this kind of thing. I always use our stove as counter space too and I always burn myself or things on it. & I always accidentally leave the oven, stove, and my straightner on. Branden gets so mad at me because he is mr. fire safety because his dad is a firefighter. Good thing you are going into nursing so you know what to do in emergencies!