twenty three weeks!


i exploded this past week! i love it because people are really starting to notice i'm pregnant and make cute/funny comments to me and daddy. my sweet mama & daddy got me this amazzzzing 100% organic lotion bar from PIKE'S MARKET is seattle that i have been applying to my ever-so-growing belly and i loveee it. i have been having the most ridiculous acid reflux/flatus issues. it's taking over. the baby is kicking like a kangaroo and boy, has he gotten stronger! dan felt him for the first time and he's been kickin, punchin, elbowing, and kneeing ever since. it's fantastic. he loves it when i hike all day and rock him to sleep.

we just got back from a lovely family vacation in british columbia... more updates to come!


  1. so cute, and what a killer shirt (i believe one of your favs). You look so good! I love the floral frame all around you. Danny must be blushing with pride and love. xoxo

  2. you are THE cutest preggy lady EVER!!! i love your pants. i don't know if i've ever seen them before. they're so flattering on you. i miss you. i want to eat that yummy tum of yours :)

  3. Cute cute rach miss you wish I got to rub your belly in person. Sorry to say the reflux/heartburn thing gets sooo much worse as they get bigger :( stock up on tums lol

  4. you look so cute rachael!

  5. You look beautiful and so happy. I love it. It must be incredible to feel him moving AND get comments from other people!

    And this pic is amazing...is that what Alabama looks like?! Makes me want to move there!