L&L: what are you wearing right now?

this post is dedicated to kristal mulder, my super sassy and GORGEOUS cousin... [like, when i first joined the family and dan would try to help me remember who was who... he's say kristal, and i'd say who? and he's say "the pretty one"... i knew who he was talking about:) and might have gotten a little jealous, ridiculous i know] anywho.... does she have the most darling and beautiful little model children? yes. does she put us all to shame with her hardcore working out and dieting [although i'm not condoning it kristal.. you must eat!] does she look AMAZING after having four children? [one less than a year old... i think...] yes, she does! does she have the most fabulous new home that she paints the most fabulous colors? yes, she does. is she an incredible photographer that i aspire to be like? YES.... basically, i love her and she is way to hard on herself and doesn't realize how gorgeous she is. if we lived by eachother we would be at a thrift store shopping right now... woot woot!


and she inspired me to start a new segment of my blog called "what i'm wearing" so here's post #1... :}

principles of sassiness:

1. mix similar colors, like my orange and magenta. it is so much more interesting than the usual color combos. go ahead, wear pink with red [kristal], blue with green, &anything with gray is divine... there are really no rules in my book.

2. be bold & surprising and wear casual with fancy. don't wear your favorite skirt only on sunday! like my simple cotton tee with a sassy tight pencil skirt. just for a normal day [i know not quite possible for chasing children]. consider replacing the pencil skirt with a flowy skirt, still paired with a tee. liven in up with some cute accessories &everyone will wonder who is that sassy lady?!

3. do you have an article of clothing that is your favorite and you wear it only on special occassions? [like twice a year] i am officially telling you to WEAR IT! don't wait for that christmas party that might never come, you deserve to wear it today... right now... to the grocery store... and be FABULOUS!!




  1. ok, first have all not true.
    2nd, the picture...coem on! Look at my nostrils...ugh

    3rd, you MUST do a post like the last half every single day. But I have to say on the last one that is labeled...I would like to relable it
    "perky girls"
    "tiny waist"
    "perfect hips"
    "skinny legs"
    because all of that helps to make your fashion even more amazing. Trust me...that outfit would look HORRID on me, but on you, I'm superbly jealous!!!!
    Great post! and thanks...I could totally use that right now..I'm feeling grosser than ever.
    you're the best!

  2. You got me a black shrug too boo....kimchi and blue rachUL loves you. Miss you sugar