take a guess....

#1. we went to the fair over the weekend. it was just a mini rexburg-style fair. overview:

... the rodeo. we felt bad for the 4-year old girl who got caught in the lasso thing and was being drug by her colt [i felt bad at least...].

... i don't like rodeos because i feel bad for the little animals that they plunder &tie up their legs. i don't see why people think that's okay to do for entertainment.

... the button shop.

... the guy who ran the ride in the pic. i don't think he talks.

... we were feeling real fancy &we walked there &to the grocery store for candy. teh best.

... my $1 dress from a garage sale that is too perfect. &fitting me perfectly by now:].

#2. dan's working at western watts. he wins best dressed award [besides scott keller- his wonderful co-worker]. thas my man.

#3. we have some pretty big news coming in the blog to follow. or the blog following the one to follow. we are excited about it. &excited to share! stay tuned &you will be in the know. go ahead, take a wild guess... ... [if you know then shhh...]


  1. even before i read your post i was thinking you are looking thin& beautiful in that first picture!
    big news?...

  2. Um, YOU"RE PREGNANT?! My kids worked that quickly on you? Usually they take 2 visits! Dang their good. Ok, well, hurry up with the next post! And this isn't Jase, it's his chubby wife!

  3. those are fun pictures.
    the big news.. it must be excitinggg!
    cant get over it yet p.s.
    scott & dan = best dressed. i like that.

  4. please do tell do tell, i must know the surprise!