mouse in the house.

so we're just organizing the house/watching
animal planet about rats &creepy crawlies. next thing i know i see a big huge dust mite sweep its way around some boxes.. so then i saw it run into the box of goodies. then i knew it was a MOUSE. so dan got the broom and scared it out of its hole, so after a few minutes of harassing where he thought it was [dan thought i was a little crazy because he hadn't seen it yet] it scurried out onto the tile and dan started ruthlessly WACKING it with the broom! he is a wild man. so i started having full out seizures on the tile and bleeding out of its MOUTH. REALLY. gross. so he scooped it up &took it to the trash can.

so from this we learned:
1. he was living under the sink through a little opening for the pipe. check under your sinks.
2. what mouse poop looks like.
3. that rachael is a real big baby when it comes to rodents.
4. dan is real brave &courageous and protects me.


  1. ah! that is so gross/scary! yuck. good thing it didn't naw your face off at night or something. phew!

  2. Dan Dan he's our man, if he can't do it nobody can!! Cute blog. Love ya
    Aunt Judy

  3. I do ok with rodents - except rats - but hobo spiders really gross me out - thank goodness for the men in our life! good luck in the future!